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  • Vijay Krishnarayan
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  • Vijay was recruited by Carl into the 5th team for its inaugural 2006 season, but Vijay ended up playing some 4th team games as well. He keeps wicket and plays a straight bat. Captained 6th team in 2008 and 2009.

Performance Details

Batting and fielding history
 Total 10572275244411.646000427
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Season: 2020
 All teams210000.00000030
Season: 2018
 All teams321222.00000010
Season: 2017
 All teams9521163.67000040
Season: 2016
 All teams1085481916.00500000
Season: 2015
 All teams4331411Infinity100000
Season: 2014
 All teams732171117.00000030
Season: 2013
 All teams12501773.40000040
Season: 2012
 All teams1085361212.000000101
Season: 2011
 All teams730644421.33000024
Season: 2010
 All teams108151167.29000020
Season: 2009
 All teams141121193013.22000091
Season: 2008
 All teams875572128.50000030
Season: 2007 (Showing 1 of 2 items. Group continues on the next page.)
 All teams32012116.00000000

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