Sawbridgeworth Cricket Club - Social Media Guidelines

Sawbridgeworth Cricket Club Social Media Guidelines


These guidelines seek to expand on ECB guidance and clarify the clubs expectations of our members’ appropriate use of social media.  Social media is dynamic, fluid and increasingly powerful in its ability to capture and shape the conversations we have with each other, about the sport and beyond. With this comes a degree of ambiguity as to what constitutes appropriate behaviour when participating in social media in a personal or club capacity. An inability and failure to comply with these guidelines may result in disciplinary action by the club.

As a club with a thriving colts section all members have a responsibility to understand our responsibilities to help safeguard everyone’s interests and the reputation of the club. Respect, integrity, and honesty are at the heart of what we as a club stand for not only within the physical playing environment but with our words and comments within social media.  Social media has blurred the lines between people’s personal and public time and space. It is important to understand that the impact of a person’s social media presence can have repercussions in their personal, professional and public lives.

Active social media interaction by club members in a personal capacity is encouraged as a medium of self-expression, however, it is important that guidelines are in place to minimise the risk of social media engagement harming the club, members or sponsors’ reputation.  For the purposes of these guidelines, social media may be defined as open interactive forums such as Facebook©, Twitter©, Instagram©, Snapchat© as well as closed text groups such as WhatsApp©.  Owing to the evolution of social media, these guidelines are not limited to these applications.

Public v Private

Despite the existence of privacy options, many items published in social media are publicly accessible and it can be difficult to guarantee that sites are fully private. Always start with the assumption that anything you say can be read by anyone, anywhere, at any time and remember that the Internet has a long memory. Always exercise good judgement when posting and be aware that inappropriate conduct can negatively affect the club, junior members, sponsors and yourself. 

Be accurate

Posts should be accurate and fact-checked and capable of substantiation. If you do make a mistake, ensure you correct it promptly. It is important to reference the earlier comment because even if the erroneous comment has been deleted, someone may have saved it as an image or other format to use as evidence.

Be fair and respectful

Always act in a constructive manner and use sound judgement before posting. Always be polite and respectful of individuals’ opinions, especially when discussions become heated. Show proper consideration for other people’s privacy.  Never post malicious, misleading or unfair content about the club, opposition and other members. Do not post content that is obscene, defamatory, threatening or discriminatory to an individual or entity. Do not post comments that you would not say directly to another person and consider how other people might react before you post. If you respond to published comments that you may consider unfair always be accurate and reasonable. Remember to be authentic, constructive and respectful. The behaviour of senior members who are seen as role models by our junior members (those under 18 years) can adversely impact on what they view as acceptable.