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  • Andrew Stead
  • Steady
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  • Was the recipient of a 'formidable injury' in 2005 which put him out of action for a while. Has since returned to the 2nd XI but he would have been dissapointed with his performances last year as the potential is there for a lot more. Very rarely seen at training or practice. THE social kingpin. Wives and girlfriends have been known to be lining up waiting for a twirl round the floor when this man is in the house.

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Batting and fielding history
 Total 1361272023999422.4200014180
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Season: 2010
 All teams151423977933.08000310
Season: 2009
 All teams171441969319.60000120
Season: 2008
 All teams161514348231.00000420
Season: 2007
 All teams171512498717.79000100
Season: 2006
 All teams151502576117.13000210
Season: 2005
 All teams202033927323.06000120
Season: 2004
 All teams191942155714.33000150
Season: 2003 (Showing 2 of 3 items. Group continues on the next page.)
 All teams8621439435.75000120

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