Sawbridgeworth Cricket Club - Colts cricket 2019

Welcome to the updated Sawbridgeworth Cricket club colts page for 2018!!

Cricket provides a great opportunity for your child to learn & improve their focus, personal responsibility, confidence, communication, teamwork as well as skills specific to the sport. This page gives information for life as a junior (AKA “Colt”) at the club and aims to guide new members plus a reminder for those who have been with us in previous seasons.

Teams are divided into :

4-7 yrs (“Kindy”)

Under 9 (school years 3 & 4)

Under 10 (School year 5)

Under 11 (school year 6)

Under 12 (school years 6 & 7)

Under 14 (school years 7, 8 & 9)


Sunday morning training for Kindy, under 9,12, 14 take place at the club from 10-12 noon.

The 4-7 age group start at 10 but finish at 11.15


The Kindy group can wear what they are comfortable wearing and trainers are necessary.
Under 9 training and matches use an “incrediball” and in addition to a bat, suitable clothing is trainers (no spikes), preferably cricket whites or tracksuit bottoms with a cricket shirt or T-shirt.
From under 10 upwards, a hard ball is used. Therefore it is imperative that pads, gloves, thigh pad and an abdominal protector (or “box”) are worn. A helmet is also required. If your child does not have these items, the club does have some kit that can be used.


We have a café open during Sunday training between 10-12. Sweets, snacks and drinks are available to purchase. Bacon or sausage rolls are also available and profits go back into making the club and colts section sustainable.


Please ensure especially on hot days that your child has a drink with them or money to buy one. Be aware that not every venue has refreshment facilities available during a match.

We are grateful for the support of parents who like to get involved, either helping coaches or the café volunteers.  Please let us know if you would like to be involved in this way.

We are also grateful for the continued support of our sponsors, Mint Café.  Please do visit them as they are local to the club, provide a great service and great meals.  They are the nutrition stop of choice on a Saturday morning for a number of our senior players!  Please click on the picture below and have a look on their website.

Finally,  if you are interested in registering your child, please download the registration form below and pass on to us.  Junior registration day is Saturday 14th April, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the club.  Parents receive social membership to allow you to enjoy the club facilities and cricket on non-colts days. 

SCC Junior Membership Form 2018.pdf