Selection Guidelines


Sawbridgeworth Cricket Club Selection Guidelines


    • The C.C. has recommended that this policy be implemented at selection meetings with immediate effect.
    • The purpose of the selection committee is to elect all senior teams representing the club
    • The selection committee shall consist of: a) Club Captain (chair) b) Saturday & Sunday team captains c)  The vice-captain of a team where the captain cannot attend d)  Those invited to attend at the discretion of the chair.
    • It is the policy of the club that for all league fixtures the strongest available XI at the time of the meeting shall be selected by the selection committee.
    • Captains of teams (and vice-captains where the captain is unavailable) should stay with their teams and not be picked for a higher team.
    • It is the player’s responsibility to inform a member of the selection committee of their availability prior to the selection meeting.
    • Once selected and informed a player who refuses to play for the team they are selected for may forfeit their rights for future selection and may be subject to further disciplinary action.
    • Should a player dropout the captain of the selected team should select a player from the team immediately below. Where the 4h XI are concerned they should select from any available club members.
    • If a player is unavoidably unavailable after selection the captain of the team should liase with the captain of the side immediately below that team to select a player to replace the withdrawn player.
    • Such changes should, wherever possible be on a like for like basis; i.e. if a bowler withdraws, a bowler from the team immediately below should be chosen.
    • If a player is taken into the side above (e.g. 2nd XI into 1st XI or 3rd XI into 2nd XI) to replace a withdrawn player they should fulfil their normal role; e.g. If a batsman withdraws from the 1st XI the form batsman in the 2nd XI should move up and bat in the top 6 and not at no. 8 or 9.
    • If a player is not performing in the team for which they are selected for a period of time and a player is achieving in the same role in the side below, the non performer should be dropped and replaced by the player in the side below until such times as the situation is reversed.
    • Any player, who is dropped from the team they represented the previous week, will be spoken to personally by the relevant captain on the night of selection or at the earliest possible time. Players should under no circumstances whatsoever discover that they have been dropped by any other means.

    The above selection policy is to be used as a guidance for the Selection Committee.

    Any player, who has not paid their subscription fees by The 30th May of the relevant season, will not be available for selection for the weekend immediately following and going forward until the payment is made.