Leventhorpe Ground

Leventhorpe School


Sawbridgeworth now has an official second ground, at Leventhorpe School in Sawbridgeworth, about half a mile from Town Fields. The new square was developed in August and September 2005, to make it ready for the 2006 season, and the first game to played at the redeveloped ground was a 3rd XI friendly against Harlow on 29th April 2006.


We have now purchased new ground equipment, so that Leventhorpe can be serviced on its own, and the equipment does not have to be shared with Town Fields. A new storage building was completed in April 2008. Then we are working towards the next stage ... new purpose-built changing rooms at Leventhorpe!


Leventhorpe ground - the new square being laid on 7th August 2005.


 On this day The Ongar loam was laid and spread, and then seeded and fertilised (hand machine)