Sawbridgeworth Cricket Club 4th XI squad

4th XI

Captain : Phil Hyam

Phil captained the 3s for a few years, and hasn't played so much in the past couple of seasons, and is now working on an oil rig in Aberdeen so it's unlikely we'll see him much this year either. Took 7-37 for the 4th XI in 2005, but Phil is actually a batsman, scoring many 3rd XI runs over the years. Purveyor of dodgy haircuts and usually found in a gutter on most nights of the week. Can talk a good fish.
Harry Bailes
Left arm China man. Decent with the bat aswell
Louis Kirby
Great exciting new Colt Playing his First Season in Open Cricket, watch this space!! 
Vijay Krishnarayan
Vijay was recruited by Carl into the 5th team for its inaugural 2006 season, but Vijay ended up playing some 4th team games as well. He keeps wicket and plays a straight bat. Captained 6th team in 2008 and 2009.
Benjamin Leak

A wicket keeper who enjoys batting but can also bowl. Enjoys playing cricket and is always up for a game.

Iain MacDonald
My two sons, Adam and James, go to cricket training on Sundays. I would like to play too.  I used to play at university and for the odd club side but have not played properly for years.  Would be great to join a team if you have space.  I am mainly a bowler. 
David Molt
"Molty" plays a lot of golf (off 4 so it is rumoured) so doesn't have the time to play cricket week-in-week-out, but is often willing to help out the lower sides at short notice. Can bowl on the spot from ball one.  Just had his eyes lasered, but will he be able to pick a Doosra?
Rob Moorley
Rob used to play for Fives and Heronians back in the day, then gave up the game for many years, but came out of retirement when his son, Ross, took up the game. 
Joshua Ramsay
Joined SCC 2004:  Since 2011 Played for 4th, 3rds and 2nds. 
Nick Wright
Solid 4th team batsman, who is also reliable to bowl line and length 
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